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Peanut Butter Breath Designer Indica


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Containing 26% THC, Peanut Butter Breath is an indica strain of cannabis flower (indica strains produce the sensation of body relaxation). Peanut Butter Breath is categorized as a “Designer” grade cannabis flower because its potency and quality are amongst the very best in the world, and designer grade weed flowers are considered a delicacy. In fact, Peanut Butter Breath is one of our three, second most potent marijuana flowers. Peanut Butter Breath is an indica marijuana strain that is said to have a woodsy, herbaceous flavor profile. Peanut Butter Breath buds are typically frosted with trichomes and fiery red stigma hairs, sometimes developing purple hues spotted throughout the surface of the flower. DoSiDos x Mendo Breath F2 (Studly Spewright) Reported Effects: Reduction in nausea, stress, pain, and depression. Promotes relaxation, and appetite.


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